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The Packaging Process

We are here to provide professional services through every step of the packaging process.  Considering product barrier requirements, package structure, shipping methods, and retail merchandising are important processes we will not leave behind. 

​Printing and design is important to the "Shelf Appeal"  that get's your products in the retailer's eye with impact.   Lets get it right the first time, our team will not stop until your ready.

Industry's we serve

​Our focus is on quality flexible packaging for the food industry.  Many of the printed and clear packaging options are available for soup, nut, pasta, confectionary, snack,  seasoning, pasta, candy, pet food, ethnic herbs, and other non food grade products. 

​​​With over 35 years experience in Manufacturing and Packaging we have stood by our values


                                                                       HARD WORK 

                                                                                            LONG lasting relationships 
These values have proven that quality control, customer needs and quick turnaround times have ensured our customers success.

​​​Reynolds Packaging



​​Quality Standards

All of the films used in our flexible packaging are AIB certified.    

Third party audits are performed yearly for all of these facilities that convert product for food / cosmetic / pharmaceutical Industries.

 AIB International ( www.aibonline.org) performs these audits based on food contact packaging facility standards.

 Audits are performed to verify our pest control, cleanliness, control of incoming products, handling, packaging, storage, and product traceability.

All products are USDA and FDA compliant



​​manufacturing quality Since 1999 

Reynolds Packaging was formed in March 1999 as a  manufacturer and converter of many types of films from laminated, printed and engineered polypropylene films to Eco-Friendly Cellophane films that are biodegradable and completely compostable.  These films are used on  high speed machines with the latest technology converting raw materials into many types and sizes of flexible packaging pouches and bags. 

Production began in an 850 square foot garage with two small machines, until  the early 2000's.  Then "The Big Move" was made to the Industrial Park to allow the delivery trucks better access and less congestion with the neighbors.

Kelly Reynolds started this business as his love for the machines was relentless.  He was born and raised in the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin and driven to be the best at what he does, coming from the middle of the pack of 6 children. Hard work and determination have been instilled in him since his first taste of entrepreneurship as a young paper delivery boy.  He and his family, continue growing the business by developing long and true relationships with companies that stand the test of time.     

We are  not just a vendor,

we Are your partner

Our goal is to be yourtransparent partner.  Providing all your packaging needs and delivering superior products on time every time.

We know manufacturing

Our difference is this:  We know our production abilities, our valuable associates and our clients' needs. AIB certification is required for suppliers, while third party auditing continually ensures our excellence in quality standards.


Why choose us?

Good Manufacturing Practices

​​​Reynolds Packaging

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