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Common Myths about Compostable Packaging 

How can I tell if an item of food packaging is compostable?

  • The only certain way is to ask the packaging manufacturer for a third-party certification document. This certification should not be one generated by the company itself. It should be from an accredited third party like BPI - Biodegradable Products Institute.

Does our package yellow with age?  

  • Yellowing typically comes from a PvDc Coating that is a common layer on many film structures.  Rubber-based adhesives are also known to oxidize when they deteriorate, which causes the adhesive to yellow and become oily and sticky.  Our compostable film is derived from a renewable cellulose, not from petrochemical sources.    ​

If the bags are compostable, will it fail to protect my product after a few months on the shelf? 

  • The packaging will last as long as you need it to.  Composability does not mean the packaging will disintegrate while on the retail shelf.  In order to compost you must have 3 environmental conditions at the same time for an extended period of time:  Heat, Moisture and microorganisms.  And we don't typically see that on the retail shelf.    

Not all Compostable and Bio-Degradable packaging films are created equal.  

  • Many films are laminated with other structures and are not compostable.  The films we use meet all the global standards for Industrial Composting and are certified to the OK Compost Home Standard for backyard composting.  You can put the bag in your own home compost bin, and it will be gone within weeks.

Compostable Packaging

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Why Compostable?

  • Our film that is used to manufacture our packaging allows brand owners and retailers to proudly talk about the sustainability journey of their own packaging and pave the way for a sustainable future for the generations to come
  • Appeals to the environmentally aware consumers
  • ​Helps divert waste from landfills

New Dual Seal Technology developed by Reynolds Packaging gives compostable ECKLO bags    -    a  New Lease On Product Life

These bags are made with a 100% compostable film that completely seals in freshness with a new high tech, heavy duty sealing system.  Completely made from renewable and natural resources that have a substantial positive impact on our environment. Packaging that does so much more than protecting and extending product freshness on the inside, it protects the environment on the outside too.

Eco-Friendly packaging with integrity is the forward thinking at Reynolds Packaging. 

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