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  • Minimum Order Quantity:  5,000
  • Typical Lead time 1-2 weeks
  • Metalized, Printed, Laminated, High Barrier

Reynolds Packaging offers a Gusseted Stand-Up Pouch, Flat pouches and others that come in a variety of sizes and film structures available for order.

If you don't see a size you need, we will make your size.  If you need it printed with your brand, great, we can get that for you too!


Gusseted Stand-Up and Flat Pouches

Side Gusseted Bag

This package has a front and back panels large enough for product branding and labeling.  Both sides are expandable and have "Gusset's" that allow product to expand when the package is filled.  This expansion allows the bag to stand up when product is added.  

Special Features

Front and Back Panel

These areas are typically used to promote the brand and product with impact visual displays to draw the eye of the retailer to the product.

Side Gusset

Expandable and various sizes allow the product to fit in the package without waste.

Back Seal

Back seal can be centered or offset for optimum display of labels or package brand.  Two different types are available, the lap seal (most common) or the fin seal. 

Bottom Seal

The very most important feature of the pouch is the bottom seal.  Product needing extra strong seal and protecting the product from deterioration by air and vapor penetration, the Dual Seal Folder is recommended.  

For as strong seal with product not requiring as much strength, a clear flat crimp seal is recommended.

Flat Pouches

Flat Pouches are very versatile.  Ideal for displaying in compact displays with large front and back panels for branding.  Displaying this packaging with a label or header card applied to the top will allow the product to be displayed for visual appeal.  Also, applying a hang hole gives the flexibility for marketing in vertical display environments.

Special Features

Front and Back Panel

Similar to the Gusset Bag, the flat pouch will be very effective in brand impact yet may provide more retail shelf placement options. 

Back Seal

As with the Side Gusseted Bag, the back seal is available in fin seal or lap seal and can be centered or offset.

Bottom Seal

Absolutely the most important feature of the pouch.  This seal is available in the smooth strong crimp seal or the Heavy Duty DUAL Seal Fold-Over.  When deciding what type of seal is right for you, just ask and we will help you through.

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